Frequently Asked Questions

CS.CODE.IN is an online 1-year Computer Science education program to equip students with modern and cutting edge programming technologies in the competitive world. It is designed to improve hiring prospects, land dream jobs and pick up true creative and innovation opportunities in the IT industry.
CS programs are intensive courses in Computer Science which help students understand the field of engineering in an innovative and accelerated manner.
Students acquire industry-relevant knowledge with hands-on experience within a 12-month framework and develop technical expertise.
This program is meant for the anyone looking to learn and develop CS engineering skills. You could be from any background, provided you're fully determined to learn.
It's a blood-bath when competing for high-profile tech jobs. Being a CS grad is the minimum criteria. What will get you through is market experience and industry relevant knowledge. A typical CS degree fails to live up to the tech market's requirement. And that's where CS.CODE.IN comes into play!
Yes. The curriculum is designed in such a way that it helps students from each and any background to grasp core concepts of applied computer sciences.
Yes. Provided you give the required 3 (session hours) + 2 (practice hours) minimum) to the program.
You will have become competitive programmer a full-fledged CS engineer. With complete knowledge of UI development, web technologies, front and back end development, APIs and much more.
You can start a career as a: Software Engineer, Full-stack Developer, Back-end Developer, or UI developer
The CS Program has a 12-month long framework which is followed by placement assistance and internships.