A World Ahead!

470 hours

470 hours of Live Coding and
Mentoring with Instructors on
an overall program.

720 Hours
720 Hours

350 Hours

350 hours of Coding Labs,
Assessments, Code Reviews using
Github Technologies.


Monthly sprint-like internal
graded Hackathons to involve in
pair programming.

720 Hours
720 Hours

Industry Readiness

Preparation for Technical Interviews,
mocks and Industry ready learning


Placements Assistance with
product based companies.

720 Hours
720 Hours

Project based Learning

Real time Industry project based
learning with hands-on projects.

The CS Program Is

Your Window To The World.

Your Window To The


Every line of code has an impact on the Society.
Technology is evolving and the effect it's having on the world is monumental!

Computer code is an amazing tool. You can entertain, educate, inform, or simply create something really cool. Enroll today and write code that can change the world!