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The Way! is a global platform for ambitious and passionate engineers to develop their technical potential through practical experiences of many kinds, including real- world coding, open-source contributions, opportunities, internships and more.

Looking Beyond The


  • 470 Hours Of Mentorship
  • 960 Hours Of Coding
  • Hackathons
  • Industry Readiness
  • Project Based Learning
  • Open Source Contributions

Craftsmanship > Crap.

What you will learn?

  • High focus on Mathematics.
  • Mastering clean coding practices.
  • How to develop algorithmic thinking to ace logic and competitive programming.
  • How to overcome imposter syndrome.
  • Developing a growth oriented mindset.
  • Scaling Full-stack web applications.
  • A system of compounded learning and innovating teaching methodologies that resonates with your growth.
  • Making Open-Source Software Contributions to build a comprehensive product portfolio.
  • Monthly graded intensive coding labs to evaluate you, right from problem solving skills
    to working collaboratively with teams.
  • Build habits and systems to help you achieve your goals and close blind-spots.
  • How to identify high value opportunities
    within the tech ecosystem and your network.

First Principles.

Techniques, strategies won't yield you the desired outcomes if you don't have the right foundation. Our core philosophy is to strengthen fundamental skills. Solid understanding of basics will lead you to good design and maintainable code and thus, helping you to write code that is efficient and readable. The approach involves extensive practice and hours of lab exercises.

Problem Solving Mindset.

Fall in love with problems. A problem-solving mindset builds the ability to think abstractly and logically while working through roadblocks. At, you learn the art of understanding complex systems, identifying patterns, and developing solutions that are efficient and effective. The edge, allows you to stand out in this over-saturated market.

Purpose Driven CS Education.

Knowledge itself is useless without ruthless execution.Building is a crucial aspect of becoming a proficient product engineer. The key is to start small and gradually work your way up to more complex projects. The more you code, the more you code. By the end of this phase, you will graduate with a strong personal playbook (product portfolio) to level-up.

Outside The

The world has changed. Young people have
It is no longer
enough to educate only to
the standards of traditional

Students need broader
skills to operate in the 21st
Simply using technology
does not guarantee- deep learning.

The use of technology
needs to align and adapt with our knowledge
of learning to be able
to operate in a
transformative space.